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Be Body Positive Day!!

my body positive day

Welcome to Be Body Positive Day, 2010.  As promised in my Contest Entry, I have the Body Positive Suggestions for today.  A day to honor yourself, all parts of yourself.  Your body, your mind, your emotions, your total self.

Some of the suggestions were repeats, so I didn’t duplicate them, but some people went into more detail behind their suggestions, do I did duplicate similar suggestions in that case.  Please keep in mind that not all suggestions are appropriate for every person.  If something doesn’t feel right to you, then choose something else, but I really do help that you do something for yourself today.

Me?  I’ve been having problems with the effects of long-term sleep deprivation lately, and I will be sipping decaf coffee and knitting and taking a day off of schoolwork.  And then I’ll take a beautiful lavendar scented bath before doing my devotional and going to bed.

Congrats to Heather and Laurie for getting your name pulled out of a hat (literally).  I will be in contact with both of you soon.

The suggestions: (please imagine drumroll)

get a pedicure

take a nap

kiss someone

take a bubble bath

let a puppy cover your face with kisses

get a massage

One of my favorite ways to celebrate my body is to take care of my feet.  I think it started by being a dancer and later by running, but now it’s taken on a whole new meaning. I soak my feet and pamper them a few times a week to show appreciation of all my feet do for me. Sometimes I paint my toe nails, sometimes not, but  I always feel better.

I love to garden and play with my flower beds.  I try to use all my senses while I’m weeding ( well, not taste! ) or whatever I’m doing. Flowers need food and water  too and I like to see them flourish while under my care. And I worry a little when they aren’t doing too well.

clear out rubbish- bad reminders of the past means the body isnt together as one your mind is elsewhere! so get rid of any old diaries/notes/photos/letters whatever and make yourself feel good about the now!

do something you enjoy! not necessarily with a certain focus but just something that makes you happy- reading/writing/drawing/painting/listening to music, whatever.

help a friend- the satisfaction from helping others is a great feeling and you know you’ve helped someone you care for!

RELAX-forget about you problems for an hour/a few it doesnt matter, go shopping with a friend, go for a relaxing walk, take a pet out, veg out and watch the tv, whatever works.

Allowing a man to see me without my clothes on and tell me that I’m beautiful.

– put on a swim suit (AHHH yes I know I just said swim suit but you can do it) or go without one if you are brave enough and lucky enough to have your own pool, go outside and simply float in the water.  Trust your body to hold you up in the water and feel the water surround your body.  Lay as still and quiet as you can and simply feel the pressure of the water, let it caress your body.  Breathe deeply in and out & notice how your body sinks slightly with each breath you let out and rises with each breath you take in. Sometimes just relaxing and enjoying the moment can make all the difference.

find a couch or a bed that has sunshine streaming through a window, lay down and just take a nap in the warm sunshine – giving your body the rest it deserves

Go out and get a pedicure – or if you cant afford that, give your self a pedicure, soak your feet, rub lotion generously on your feet and make your toes look pretty with polish – add some pizazz by using a different color on each nail, adding a decoration, or some glitter just for fun, then make sure to walk barefoot for awhile so you can randomly look down and enjoy your pretty feet

find someone who gives great hugs and just let that person hold you tight.

get a mani/pedi to pretty up your nails

take a meditation class to relax your body and mind

take a long, hot shower

write a list of the POSITIVE attributes of ur body and post it over your mirror


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  1. That is a great list!
    I got to practice another one last night. I was out at dinner with friends who were going on and on about Weight Watchers points. I asked them to please STOP talking about dieting. I didn’t find the discussion triggering, but it annoyed the heck out of me that they didn’t want to just ENJOY the food.

    My friends apologized and changed the subject.

    Comment by Millie | August 1, 2010 | Reply

    • awesome! Sometimes being with a group of (primarily girls, I hate to say it) and hearing all the diet talk still gets to me. Especially if it’s while we supposed to be doing something fun. I understand that some people really do need to lose weight and I sympathize with those doing so in healthy ways, and I had a friend doing weight watchers and the structure really helped her, but she also was able to go out to dinner with me and stay within her points but not talk about it and laugh and joke and talk about fun things.
      Good for you for speaking up!

      Comment by surfacingaftersilence | August 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. What a great idea! Love how you made a list for everyone- I think sometimes it’s hard to just know how to “love your body”, so little ways to see it physically is a great reminder!

    Comment by World War Mia | August 3, 2010 | Reply

  3. A+ would read again

    Comment by mode20100 | August 25, 2010 | Reply

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