Surfacing After Silence

Life. After.

American Heart Walk 2010

after surgery, still hooked up to monitors.

This is my yearly shameless self-promotion entry.  I am walking in Colombia, Missouri’s American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.  I did this last year and it was awesome.  The walk is August 14th.  Not that far away, but still enough time to donate.

Yup.  I am asking for donations, which you can do here:
My Personal Donation Page

People have been apologizing for “only” donating 25 bucks.  but imagine if I had 100 people donate just 5 dollars–that’s a trip to starbucks–and that would be 500 bucks!  If the online site will not let you donate that amount, email me at and I will give you my snail mail address.  Or if you don’t like donating through online places.  But time’s running out for snailmail, so that’s the only drawback.

I’m a big fan of the American Heart Association.  That surgery I had last year?  The one that involved implanting a chunk of metal in my chest as a lifesaving device?  The AHA was on the sidelines, backing research back in the 80s for the first ICD. They back research for new medications, new therapies, smaller implantable devices so that people like me don’t have a third breast sticking out of them and so that babies who need them can safely have one.  My heart medication is stamped with approval by the AHA.  They are spending more time on education and awareness events such as the Heart Walks, which foster healthy lifestyle changes.  They do prevention work.  They unite doctors to help fight deadly diseases so that patients such as myself can find adequate care and they unite individuals who have these illnesses so that we don’t feel alone.

I’ve lost a friend my age to heart disease.  I lost the best coach I ever had due to heart disease.  One of my friends from college and her brother also have ARVD.  My friend’s daughter was born with a heart defect and underwent open heart surgery as a baby and still needs medications and monitoring and a common cold isn’t just a common cold for us.

This walk is something I can do to help.  Sometimes, because of my heart, I feel so powerless to do anything to change things.  And I can’t run fundraising events where the cost of my entry fee goes to a charity.  This is a free walk that encourages people to make healthy lifestyle changes while allowing people to fundraise to support the American Heart Association.

We need your help so that we can help live full, long lives.  We need your help so that children can live free of worry (and their parents, too!).

Please consider donating.  My goal is 1000 dollars because that’s how much I raised last year.  So far I’m at 225.  I do believe we can get there.

*shameless self-promotion over*


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