Surfacing After Silence

Life. After.

mad packing

Brookhaven/Rader Program, Tulsa, OK

Doesn’t it look so pretty?  They always make the pictures in the promotional material look like you’ll be attending some resort rather than a treatment facility where you’re not allowed to have sneakers because the shoestrings are dangerous.

Brookhaven Hospital

201 South Garnett

Tulsa, OK 74128

c/0 Alexis Katchuk

Do not send me weapons of any sort, food items, anything sharp, pills, or hand grenades.  Use common sense.  We can’t have psych patients running around with a bunch of exacto knives.  And although Valentine’s Day is coming up, the SweetHearts will have to wait until after the 14th.

Seriously, I’m nervous, ready, impatient, scared, relieved, and I doubt I will sleep very well tonight.  Deciding what books to take is always a bitch.  I went to buy a new journal since my current one is almost done.  I write in a very specific journal and they were out.  I had to settle for the soft cover version.

I leave tomorrow morning at 6 for the Rader Program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have my ipod charged and ready to go, although I won’t be able to have it on the unit 😦  No electronics of any sort.  I am trying to tell myself this is a way to get in touch with my inner self.  I’d say it would be a way to get back in touch with nature but it’s still a bit cold outside and I don’t think they’ll let me just wander outside whenever I want.

This entry is rather lighthearted in nature.  It’s my way of dealing right now.  I will pack.  I will choose my books.  I will tuck in my watercolors and colored pencils.  I will make sure I have enough of my black felt tip markers by Bic, the only pens I journal with, to get me through the next millennium.


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  1. I hope that you got something useful out of the program at Brookhaven. That’s the first place I went for treatment, and was able to come away with some good things despite the…erm…personality issues that I ran into there.

    Comment by Brie | March 17, 2010 | Reply

    • I was able to get some good things out of the program. . . keep reading

      Comment by surfacingaftersilence | March 17, 2010 | Reply

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