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My Heart Has Come!



All in one piece


















My heart came!  I’ve been waiting for it for awhile.  It comes apart:



Two Pieces!

















And yup, it comes off the stand so I can hold it and touch the veins and arteries and see the muscle walls.  I’ve always wished I could touch my own heart, to make it more real to me.  Sometimes the problems seem abstract.  I can’t see them or touch them to make sense of them, and I am a very kinesthetic learner.

No, this is not just an obsession with my own heart.  I actually have an obsession with the heart in general.  It fascinated me, and did before I was diagnosed with ARVD.  I do wish I had the money to buy a more elaborate model.  This is just to use with kids and stuff.  There are ones that break into more parts.

My doctoral dissertation will be about the heart; my specialization is medical writing.  The research is exhausting on one hand because it is using a part of my brain that hasn’t been used for a long time, and really exciting at the same time, because I haven’t used this part of my brain for a long time!  I would love to go to an anatomy lab and observe and maybe touch.  I would love to hold a heart in my hand and feel the weight and know how muscles and veins and arteries feel.

I mean House is a great show and all, but I want the real thing.



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  1. in 2006, i went to a museum in boston for my birthday. they had this exhibit called “body works” (note: this is not the exhibit currently touring) and i got about 4 inches from a heart, as well as other organs, muscles, and bones. if body works ever comes to your area, i highly recemend it.

    Comment by paxton | November 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. I wish I could bring you to my cadaver lab… you would love it. I’ve opened up all 4 chambers and cut open the vessels. The valves are amazing and the trabiculae carniae looks just like the pictures.

    Is there a university near you that has a cadaver lab? The restrictions are usually pretty tight (at least they are at my school) but seeing that you’re doing research they might be open to letting you go in.

    If I ever become a pathologist you are welcome into my morgue.

    Comment by Andi | November 6, 2009 | Reply

    • wow, how was that for horrible spelling? i meant: trabeculae carneae. i blame the new beta blocker and the fact that it’s midnight.

      Comment by Andi | November 6, 2009 | Reply

      • i think you are one of the few reading this who will have picked up on that misspelling!

        Comment by surfacingaftersilence | November 7, 2009

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