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Lyric Time!


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So I promised you a positive entry.  No controversy.  No ranting.

I was driving home the other night and had the chance to listen to a significant number of songs on my iPod (about 2 hours worth, to be exact), and I realized how much music has helped me over the years.

I love listening to music to pick me up when I feel broken.  So here are some of my favorite songs.  They are not about eating disorders, specifically, but there are parts of the songs that apply to my particular experience, and they’ve gotten me through rough times.  (I’m on a Missy Higgins obsession at the moment, so bear with me.)


1.  “Dust Road” by Missy Higgins

“I gotta tell you, I need you to know / you were my ruin and you took hold / You made me believe the lies you told / but you won’t get away with the girl you stole / getting off this dusty road.”

2.  “Steer” by Missy Higgins

“But the search ends here, where the night is totally clear / and your heart is fierce, so now you know that you control where you go you can steer”

3. “Unbroken” by Missy Higgins

“‘Cuz this is the day that everything changes /And the world stops turning, running straight, / Into the break lights, you’ve come to nothing / This is the day that everything changes and your worlds collide / You know in time you’ll wake to find you’re a little unbroken”

(I particularly like “Unbroken,” because for me, there was a day that everything changed and everything became clear.)

4. “Learning to Breathe” Nerina Pallot

“So I don’t want to be the last, I don’t want to be the first, / Don’t want to be alone with my thoughts tomorrow, / And I don’t want to be afraid, don’t want to look away, / I’m learning to breathe, / No I don’t want to be the last, I don’t want to be the first, / I just need a hope and a light to follow, / Like sailors look to stars to find their way home, / I’m learning to breathe on my own.”

5. “Blackbird” (version by) Sarah McLachlan

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night / Take these broken wings and learn to fly / All your life / You were only waiting for this moment to arise”

6. “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus (and I don’t like her.  I don’t like the Hannah Montana idea of changing yourself in such a dramatic way to go onstage and sing.  But I like this song.)

“The struggles I’m facing / The changes I’m taking / Sometimes might knock me down / But I’m not breaking.”

7. “Melody” by Kate Earl

“And I find that I’m never alone / And I find that my heart is my home / and the music within makes me whole / A world that I build on my own”

8. “After All” by Dar Williams (This is the themesong/biography song of my life.)

“Well the sun rose with so many colors / It nearly broke my heart / And worked me over like a work of art / And I was a part of all that”

9.  “Pass in Time” by Beth Orton

“So much stays unknown till the time has come. / Did you imagine you could ever be so strong, / Then watch your fear just turn into relief? / Your sea of doubt become your own belief?”

10. “Not as We” by Alanis Morissette (as a reminder that a slip does not make a relapse.  That you can take another step one and start over again, without that eating disorder at your side.)

“Day one, Day one, start over again / Step one, step one, I’m barely making sense. / For now I’m faking it till I’m pseudo-making it / from scratch begin again, / but this time I as I and not as we”

Your job is to post your favorite inspirational, pro-recovery song.  You can give a clip of the lyrics if you’d like.  Please don’t quote the whole song!  But I do reserve the right to edit or delete comments that have songs that I feel are not recovery natured.

Do not pick songs that remind you of why you left it behind (i.e. don’t pick songs that describe the bad times).  Pick songs that give you hope for change and life.  Again, I will delete comments of the first type.




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  1. “Something Beautiful” by Newsboys

    I wanna start again / I want a new beginning / One without an end / I feel it inside / Calling out to me
    When we laugh so hard we cry / It’s the love between you and I / Something beautiful

    Celebrating all the beautiful things that I get to experience fully now that I am whole again.

    Love this post Lex, glad to have you back!

    Comment by Amanda G-M | November 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. Ok I’ll ED it up here. I love Jenni Schaefers song “It’s ok to be Happy”

    That’s what I believed that’s how I lived
    Waiting waiting waiting for that or for this
    It was never enough to be where I was
    Just enjoying the ride being all right
    Knowing whatever life throws at me
    It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay to be happy

    Don’t know when it changed
    But somehow it did
    Guess I got a little tired
    Of the emptiness
    So I took some trust
    And I got some faith
    And when they found each other
    I found this place
    Where it’s okay to be happy

    I find it very hard to be happy. If I’m happy that means some thing bad is going to happen and I’ll get hurt. It suck’s living like that. I’m racing to the finish line hopeing to not have any kind of happiness or pain. That’s not living at all.

    Comment by david | November 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. Christina Aguilera’s “Singing My Song”

    Comment by Kristin | November 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. Forget and Not Slow Down – Relient K

    “I’d rather forget and not slow down / Than gather regret for the things I can’t change now.”

    Comment by gin | November 4, 2009 | Reply

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