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America’s Next Top Model

So I’m a little slow on the uptake, because this entry is referring to an episode from 2007.  But I don’t feel well and there’s an ANTM marathon on TV, so what better thing to do but watch girls get in cat fights?  

In this episode, they’re filming a music video with Enrique Iglesias.  The lead model is well below what would be considered 85% of her IBW and collapses on stage and they have to call an ambulance.  The EMT said, “With you being this thin and it being this hot, you have to eat.”  Did Tyra or ANY of the judges address this?  Did the other contestants say anything other than, “She doesn’t like to take directions from people.”  

So it comes to the final decision and another model is sent home because she came in saying she was a plus size model (which looked to be about a size 8?) and during the course of the season, she dropped some weight.  So the judges said, “You can’t be a plus size model if you’re not plus size.”  Which meant, she dropped down to what looked like a size 6.  

Excuse my language, but what the fuck?  Yes, let’s reprimand the healthy-sized female who says on the “secret camera” that she refuses to step on the scale and get into the “how much do you weigh?” discussions with the other contestants.  In fact, she wasn’t stepping on the scale at all.  Then they highlight three girls complaining about how their size 0 clothes are getting tight and how they gained one pound during the day.  

No one even mentioned that the malnourished model should take better care of herself or, god forbid, seek help.


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  1. Then apparently a couple of seasons later Tyra made a big deal about the “plus size” (who is maybe what–size 8 10 12?–not plus size…normal size…) model being the winner of the competition.

    It is funny to see how season after season the show becomes more and more about some agenda that TB has–some way of trying to either play lip service to issues like ED in modelling (it comes up a bit in the first couple of seasons) and then the covering over of ED (the season that was on marathon…), or an issue of ethnicity in modelling, or an issue of (plus and “plus”) size…

    Comment by SK | July 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. Who got to decide that an 8 was “plus size”?
    This world is messed up.

    Comment by Andi | July 27, 2009 | Reply

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